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Business calls at your fingertips.

With low international rates, you can pick your own local or national number and get unlimited inbound & outbound minutes included.

   No bull, cancel anytime.

Upgrade to an elite phone system for your whole team. It's easy to get started and our friendly team will be with you all the way.

Key features

Pay as you go or add unlimited minutes​

Choose to pay for your calls, add a call bundle or add unlimited minutes. There’s no charge for incoming calls and many international destinations are less than 5p/minute.​

Large database of phone numbers

Choose from a range of 01, 02, 03 and 08 phone numbers for each phone you set up. The choice is yours and you can receive as many incoming calls as you wish.

Full access to advanced phone system features

Get the most from your phone system. Whether you need to ask people to “press one for sales”, place callers into queues or handle advanced call routing, we’ve got you covered.

Automatically record inbound & outbound calls

Enable call recording on all or some of your calls and listen back using our intuitive web portal or download them for future use — from just 4p/min.

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The most advanced mobile app for calls on the go

Our mobile app provides you with everything you need to take your phone system on the go. Fully-compatible with iPhones and Androids, you can pair your mobile with your desk phone and just jump in and out of the office when you please.

Detailed analytics
& call logging

Look in detail at the calls coming into your organisation and see exactly who answers calls, who calls you the most, average wait times and much more.​

Our cloud system is bursting
with features
you'll love

Call queues & groups

Call queues & groups allow you to easily handle multiple incoming calls at the same time. Place callers into a queue and answer them in the order they arrived.

Voicemail boxes

When you’re on the phone or not in the office, easily accept voicemail messages from your callers and receive them by email, through our website or on your phone itself.

Menus & auto attendants

Knowing exactly what a caller wishes to speak about before answering can be very handy. With our IVR menu feature you can ask callers to choose from options when they ring.

Shared address book

The shared address book allows you to quickly access common phone numbers but also allows you to see the name of your callers whenever a new call comes in.

Intelligent routing options

Our time-based routing feature allows you to change what happens to incoming calls based on the time of day. For example, when you’re closed, you can send callers to voicemail.

Advanced call routing tools

We have a range of tools to help route calls for you most efficiently. In addition to time, you can use presets and the caller’s incoming number to choose where to send the call.

Conference rooms

Set up your own conference rooms where callers can dial in, enter a PIN and all speak together. This can save on huge call costs usually imposed by other meeting providers.


If you’re still receiving faxes, our fax-to-email service allows you to set up an incoming fax number and receive any messages sent to it straight into your e-mail inbox.

Custom on-hold music

Upload your own music or audio files to play to your callers when they’re on hold or in one of your queues. An ideal way to market to your customers while they’re waiting.

These are just some of the amazing features on our phone system.
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