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Benefit from a global PPC agency that optimises your ads, increases your conversions, and ultimately lowers your costs per click. It's that straightforward.

If you're advertising on search or social and you've thought to yourself, "Hmm, how can I get more results without reaching for the bank?"

Well, you've clicked on the right ad.

But first, let's make one thing clear: PPC isn't about clicks.

It’s about driving qualified leads and delivering a positive ROI.

Here at Pixify, we make sure you show up at every stage of the decision-making process. Everywhere a leads looks, learns and buys – your messaging will be present to fill your sales pipeline.

Founded solely on the basis of delivering as much value and profit via PPC as humanly possible, we have built an agency to scale. We know what it takes to turn visitors into customers and customers into ambassadors of a brand. That’s why we optimise websites, build conversion-focused landing pages, and manage a brand’s online presence.

PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors
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of businesses say paid ads is a leading factor for their business
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Businesses make an average of $2 for every $1 spent on Google Ads
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We're a London-based digital marketing agency, designed for SMEs

Our agency can help you regardless of whether PPC makes you feel like you’re on another planet or you’ve been running campaigns for years. The process of setting up your ad campaigns can seem overwhelming at first, but our team of experts has managed ad campaigns for just about any industry you can imagine for years. Then you would have the option of ‘hands-off’, which means you could let us handle that and we would keep you informed at your own pace.
Oftentimes, clients approach us with an existing campaign — whether it was developed by the client or by an old high school friend who took over the project at a mate’s rate. In most cases, we are able to adjust or tweak what we are doing so that you obtain the best possible results.

What we can do

When it comes to PPC marketing, we manage a significant range of advertising types, including Google Adwords, pop-ups, and more. Here are some examples:

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You're probably wondering how we do this, right?
Well, here's the (secret) sauce:

Analysis & discussions

The first thing we do is get to know you and your business. What are you hoping to accomplish? Who are you trying to reach? What are your unique selling points? All of this, along with a comprehensive review of your industry and competitors, will give us a solid foundation to begin your campaign.

Pixels & tracking setup

Google and other ad networks need to be able to track your site to help measure, track performance, and do things such as measure conversions. You don’t need to worry about tracking if it hasn’t already been enabled – we’ll set you up with everything you need.

Preparing the campaign

Let’s get to the fun part. As a result of our discussions, we create a marketing campaign that targets your demographic with a product or service we know they will love, within a budget that you will be happy with.

Review & launch campaign

Following our strategy preparation, we will contact you to show you what we’ve prepared. Should you have some suggestions for tweaks, we will take them on board and apply them as quickly as possible! As soon as we have a campaign that everyone is pleased with, we launch it live!

Check-ins & reporting

Once it is live for 48 hours, we return to see how it is performing. The key here is to ensure everything is approved and working properly, then we can gradually make improvements and tweaks based on what works and what doesn’t. By using Pixify Analytics, we will be notified if growth or dips occur, and you will be able to see the performance of your campaign at any time so that you always know how it is doing.

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