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Google Ads is the cornerstone of PPC marketing. Perhaps the oldest online marketing strategy, PPC rakes in the big bucks still to this day. It’s been around since the dawn of the interest and thanks to social media and modern branding tactics, it’s still relevant. In fact, it’s something that large and small businesses use to constantly be featured in the limelight of high traffic websites. Yet, it’s also changing quite a lot and that’s why Google Ads is so important to learn as business owners. We’re here to help you get noticed in a fiercely competitive environment.

Load time

When a customer clicks on your PPC ad they should not have to feel like they are in a time warp! Loading time for the pages they hope to experience when clicking on something they like, are crucial. Without a fast-loading page, the bounce rate will spiral out of control. If Google senses the bounce rate is high, it might wish to push the ad back among the crowd of other PPC ads because it’s suspiciously ineffective. It could be seen as a spam ad linking to an ad-heavy page. You can stop this by just keeping the landing page simple so the customer gets immediate access to the product description and features to buy it.

Be upfront

Make your contact information clearly displayed on the landing page and or the PPC ad. It might seem like it takes up space, but don’t forget a PPC ad is visual imagery on a loop. Human beings are visual creatures and they pay attention to things that move. Our eyes are trained to absorb information quickly. If they see beautiful images with your website address or your brand name, they are more likely to remember you. It’s also good for transparency and potentially, increasing trust with customers. It’s a good idea to encourage feedback by saying something simple like ‘give us a review’. But in order to do that they have to buy a product, it’s a subtle show of confidence and psychological enticement.

Better forms

It’s not usually advisable to have a landing page with a sign-up form, but it’s probably something you do; like most businesses. Okay, if you are going to create a semi-barrier between the landing or product page from the PPC ad, just make it simple. Also, make it clear how the customer can get off it! Have a clear X icon where they can click. There’s nothing more annoying than when websites try to hide the X icon on a popup form. It feels too forced and it probably adds to your bounce rate. Forms should also only be two boxes if at all possible. Just an email address and password. Keep it simple Jack!

Keywords boosting 

If you spot that a certain keyword campaign brought in the goods, and helped to make a lot of conversions, then always go back to it. You should try to increase its scope by changing to a broad match modifier. This will help to essentially launch the keyword to places that it wouldn’t normally be featured. It will increase broader traffic as more customers that would be searching for something related but not specifically that keyword, would be dragged into its new scope. The results in more clicks and more organic customers.

Effective text

The meta description has to be simple, effective and relevant to improve the score of your ad. The text ads for Google Ads, appear on the right side of the SERP. So to get a user’s eyes to veer from the regular results, you need to utilize keywords but more importantly, to-the-point text. Make sure that you mention the product you are selling, the type of product and making sure you are explaining why it’s important. It can be done in just 80 or so words.


When you remarket your ad, you are targeting people who specifically like your types of products. They will be shown your ad instead of someone random who may or may not click on it. It’s vital that this occurs because it’s better to have some success with your old ad, than very little. It’s also very useful because you don’t need to make a new ad, it just gets directed to a person who is more likely to buy.

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