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Planning a product launch can be intimidating. Setting up dates, deadlines, and more can often get in the way of developing the marketing strategies to create the hype you need to launch successfully. By planning your launch a few months in advance, you can build the suspense and excitement that contribute to the success of your initial launch. 

When considering your marketing strategy for a launch, there are two very important factors to consider, these being timing and buzz or hype. 

Timing is important because a launch requires time for customers and potential leads to get excited and curious about your new product. Increasing time in between campaigns and the launch also builds suspense and a strong feeling of wanting to know what happens at the end. 

Creating hype is also important because the more people who start talking about what’s happening, the more people want to be involved. Adding an element of mystery to your launch also increases buzz and hype because everyone wants to be the person to figure it out.

With that, these are ten different marketing strategies you can use to apply both timing and hype to your advantage for a successful product launch.

  1. Host a giveaway

Invite your industry’s influencers to get involved, or partner with another business to create a giveaway that has far reach and can generate more leads. Giveaways are also an easy way to collect information for an email list or other data that can help you reach people again with a new offer.

2. Incentivise sharing for creating buzz

Incentives can tie in with other strategies like a sneak peek or giveaway. Having people share with their networks can get your campaign in front of people who might never have happened upon it, or give you access to new populations to consider. 

3. Demonstrate a teaser

Those who are in the know get to show off a little bit of what’s to come, which applies both concepts of timing between your campaign and launch, as well as creating hype with a sneak peak.

4. Write press releases with top publications in your industry

Use a professional loudspeaker to get the word out wherever you can. Don’t forget that storytelling plays a part in how well your news is received. Find an angle to your launch that solves problems and creates happy stories.

5. Create a hashtag

Whether pre-launch or post-launch, a custom hashtag is an easy way to generate a community feeling. It has the bonus effect of collecting everything about your one product or campaign in one space for you and your customers to see.

6. Create a recommendation system

A referral or recommendation system can be a way for your existing customers to easily spread the word about your business. Having potential customers or leads hear good things from trusted sources can build trust for your business too, without you having to do anything at all.

7. Have a countdown

You can add those big, powerful numbers on your social media, in your newsletter, or any place that your regular customers interact with you. A countdown creates the feeling of suspense, as well as a community feeling of excitement.

8. Retarget existing fans, customers, and followers

You can’t get everyone to love you the first try. Or sometimes the second or third try. Retargeting for a new launch can bring back customers who were interested, but didn’t quite connect with your business. A new launch gives them something to look forward to and a chance for hoping to see you do something even better.

9. Offer pre-orders

People can feel special in being a part of something that hasn’t yet been released. Being one of the select few to gain access to your product also gives them an opportunity to share reviews, and gives you the opportunity to make critical changes before releasing it to the masses.

10. Share what’s behind the scenes of your product

Sharing a personal view into your work and business gives you a chance to humanize your business and viewers a chance to identify with you as an entrepreneur. This is another way to make your audience feel special while building your brand.

These aren’t the only options for using timing and hype to your advantage. There are as many marketing strategies as there are businesses out there, but finding the one that works for you and your product is up to you. Remember that launch marketing sits on the elements of timing and hype, and you will be on your way to an epic product launch.

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