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Every business needs to be an individual in an ocean of competitors. Customers are savvier than ever, they know when you’re just towing the popular line. Yet, they want the opposite, they want creativity and to hear an authentic voice. So here are 7 ways to become the flamingo among the pigeons.

Splash page

Your website’s homepage is the ultimate splash page for your brand. It’s where you make a statement about who you are, what you do, and why you do it. So, have a video playing in the background in the banner or in the middle of the page. This is the new branding technique as visual images will always speak louder than words.

Change your scheme

It’s difficult for some brand to change their ways, especially their colour scheme. Would Pepsi be recognised without its classic red and blue? But if you haven’t reached that status yes, then maybe you do need to change your colour scheme to something more recognizable and energetic.

Original content

There’s nothing quite like fun, interesting, and really informative content to bring in the organic visitors. Digital marketing has evolved but SEO blogging has stayed the same in principle. It’s by far the most effective way to tell people your story as well as showing them how your product or service is useful.

Social media

On social media, users want brands to be more like them. Use memes, gifs, hashtags that are relevant to modern culture. Entrepreneurship is all about adjusting to shifting sands, and hiring a social media manager to become more like Nike’s social media pages is a prudent decision.

User reviews

To get your brand out there, especially in the COVID-19 era, invest in local SEO. make sure that you are encouraging customers to give you a review, especially on Google Maps. More user reviews on your website to boost the best products through peer confirmation is incredibly effective.

Online community

It’s important to have a membership area of your website. It helps to give the most loyal customers validation that you see them, you recognize them sticking by you and so they are rewarded for it. It also creates a little mystique and opulence for your brand that more people will want to experience just because of it’s sheer exclusivity.

Create an app

If you have not already, create your own app. It’s now or never, you cannot hope to go into the future with the best intentions to succeed, without creating an app for your customers. How else will you stay in their lives, if you’re not in their pocket 24/7? You can also have exclusive sales just on the mobile app to keep customers from deleting it, and funnel them toward downloading it. Market this via email.

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